Genre Action
Regie Arend Rem­mers
Drehbuch TBA
Produzent TBA
Cast Eskin­dir Tes­fay
Swen Rasch­ka
Kamera TBA
Musik TBA
Laufzeit 90 min
Veröffentlichung TBA

in Ent­wick­lung

Guerilla's Blood

South Afri­ca 1994. After the first free elec­tions, Nel­son Man­de­la is appoin­ted prime minis­ter, the first black prime minis­ter in the coun­tries histo­ry. “Guerilla’s Blood” is the sto­ry of two young fri­ends, Noah and Micha­el, struggling through their mise­ra­ble lives in a Cape Town still torn by the apart­heid after­math. What makes their fri­endship spe­cial is that Noah is black and Micha­el is white. Micha­el, being one of the few poor whites in Cape Town, finds in Noah not only a fri­end but also a pro­tec­tor in a world domi­na­ted by blacks, the world of pover­ty.

Tog­e­ther they work on various con­struc­tion sites in despe­ra­te search for a brigh­ter future. When they hear rumors about camps of a mili­ta­ry peace corps in Mozam­bi­que, which offer food, shel­ter and a decent sala­ry for new recruits, they deci­de to pack their few belon­gings and head north-east.

Arri­ving in the so cal­led “Libe­ra­ti­on Army” Noah and Micha­el soon find it to be an ille­gal rebel camp, whe­re kids and teen­agers are tur­ned into reck­less kil­ling tools. Too late they rea­li­ze what is going on and are impri­son­ed, tor­tu­red and dril­led to mur­der inno­cent peop­le. Noah mana­ges to escape but has to lea­ve Micha­el behind. At the bor­der to Zim­bab­we Noah is cap­tu­red by the poli­ce and mista­ken for a rebel…

Nine years later the two long lost fri­ends see each other again in Johan­nes­burg. But the reuni­on is not a hear­ty one. The past has chan­ged them and they both work as mer­ce­n­a­ries now. They are on a mis­si­on to find a Zim­bab­wean Gene­ral named Ojuk­wu. Noah was sent to res­cue Ojuk­wu, while Micha­el is the­re to kill him…